Hi.  I’m Olivia.  This is a blog primarily devoted to the creative juices behind WangGukClothing, the small clothing business that I run through Etsy, based in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California.  While the shop’s address is on Esty, this blog is here as a supplementary fashion blog for people who want to follow our photo shoots and see more of the behind-the-scenes work of the business.  This blog is (ideally) updated everyday and there is a theme for each post on each given day in a week. The break-down looks like this:

Mondays are Fashion Review Mondays (where we choose a recent or upcoming collection from our favorite high-fashion designers and review their latest fashion shows).

Tuesdays are KPOP Tuesdays (where we choose a KPOP music video or song or person that we feel deserves a detailed and thoughtful review).

Wednesdays are What-I’m-Wearing Wednesdays (where I literally post a picture or video of what I’m wearing that day and break it down stylistically and explain why I wore it and where I got all the pieces in the outfit).

Thursdays are Free-Thoughts Thursdays (where I write about whatever I feel like writing about that day…ha. hope you enjoy stream-of-consciousness. this will also be a day for guest writers to post articles for us. yay!).

Fridays are Fashion History Fridays (where I choose one of my favorite designers, fashion design houses, or brands and give a history or brief background/biography on them. these are more educational/informative).

Saturdays are the days when we’ll be updating you on our travels and photo shoots.  We’ll let you know where we’re headed for our next shoot and we’ll post pictures and/or videos of the behind-the-scenes work we do in a photo shoot, and also probably some photos from whatever we do that day before the shoot in preparation for it and after the shoot when we’re doing whatever. This is a free day where we post about whatever and share a bunch of photos and videos that pertain to the work we do.

Sundays are Kingdom Thoughts Sundays (where I write thoughts I have about the Kingdom of God and what I’ve been thinking about life lately.  probably another stream-of-consciousness-type day).

So that’s the basic structure of this blog.  We’ll try to keep to this structured schedule but no promises because life’s life. So this is a weird little blog.  It’s a hodge-podge blend of all the things I really love:  my business, KPOP and Korean culture, fashion and fashion history, downtown LA, and God.

Enjoy the adventures of my crew and I.  If you want to visit the shop, here it is:

>>   http://www.etsy.com/shop/WangGukClothing?ref=si_shop

Peace and Kingdom Love~


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