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Beautiful People

Beautiful Persons List.

This is a SHORT list of some of the people I find seriously attractive.

And they’re all Korean pop stars, because that’s my type. So if it isn’t yours, you probably won’t like this haha.  But, if  you happen to have a taste similar to mine, enjoy.

They aren’t in a particular order, like least-to-greatest or greatest-to-least or anything. They’re just all beautiful.  Except GD.  He’s at the top of my list for pretty much absolutely anything.

Kwon “G-Dragon” Jiyong
May seem kind of an interesting choice, but this man is honestly one of the most wholly beautiful persons I’ve ever encountered.
He’s attractive in all the ways a person can be attractive.
He’s an artist, creative, passionate, kind, and most intriguing,
he is never afraid to explore all of the different sides and versions of himself.
He’s amazing.  And I’ve been in love with him since I first heard him.
He’s a crazy fierce celebrity, but I feel like I can still take one look at him and still see straight to his heart and see the real him.
That’s unique.
He’s my favorite.  Always will be.



Choi “T.O.P” SeungHyun
So of course any “beautiful people” list would be incomplete without T.O.P at the absolute TOP (ahhhaaaa) of it.
He’s gorgeous. Enough said.



Okay, so is it just me, or is this guy STUNNING and seriously underrated?
And I don’t know why, but I started noticing him a WHOLE lot more in MYNAME’s recent comeback video for “Day by Day”.
Seriously gorgeous. And he raps.
Let me say it here and now: there’s nothing hotter than a guy who can rap in Korean.



Myungsoo of INFINITE
Okay, this kid is seriously gorgeous. I first saw him in his drama “Shut Up and Let’s Go” and was like “UM, who is that” and then I came to find that he is a part of INFINITE.  And let’s be real, I think every single one of the INFINITE guys is extremely attractive.
Like, there isn’t one that isn’t amazingly beautiful.
But Myungsoo is flawless.



Hongbin of VIXX
I also think that all of VIXX is gorgeous.  But Hongbin is immaculate.
Like, there literally isn’t one thing about him that’s
unattractive.  Just watch some of their variety
shows or interviews with him and you’ll understand.



Jimin of BTS (Bangtan Boys)
This guy KILLS me.
It’s his weird, sideways look and little smirk thing that he does.
Like I’m seriously dead when I see him.
I think it’s his eyes— they’re a really interesting shape.  Makes his face interesting-looking too; he’s a unique kind of good-looking.
Watch their “Bulletproof pt 2” MV; he kills.



Im Yoon Ho
This is the gorgeous Im Yoon Ho.  He’s an actor.
I first saw him in the drama “Level 7 Civil Servant” with actor
Joo Won, who is another love of mine; he’s amazing too. Just watch that drama, or Im Yoon Ho’s new drama, “A Tale of Two Sisters” and you’ll understand why this guy is so cute.



Xia Junsu
I am IN LOVE with Xia Junsu.  Seriously THE FACE of androgynous beauty for me.   (I love androgynous beauty).
Whether he’s the girl or the guy in his music videos, he alllwaaayyyysss looks great.
He really takes beauty to the next level, I think.  It’s no longer gendered with him; he’s just a beautiful being.  And his voice only makes him more beautiful.  Watch his videos for “Tarantellegra” and “Uncommitted” and maybe you’ll understand why I am in love.



Jonghwan of 100% (백퍼센트)
Stunning, right?
Overlooked beauty of an overlooked group.  He’s the guy in the center of the photo.  I actually think all of the guys of 100% are fairly attractive, but for some reason, Jonghwan stands out to me as unique.  His angles are so interesting.
I like interesting faces, and he has one, so he’s really beautiful to me.
Watch their MVs for “Bad Boy” and “Want U Back”; he is GORGEOUS and so charismatic in “Want U Back”, oh my word.



Kevin Woo of U-KISS
Talk about flawless.  Another fairly androgynously beautiful face.
Kevin has always been gorgeous to me.
(Even his personality is gorgeous; he just has a good heart).
He looks good with or without make-up, too, which I always think is impressive because I feel like it’s like a night-and-day difference whether or not I wear it.
And he’s an amazing dancer… I mean guys, it really doesn’t get much better than Kevin Woo, let me tell you.



Simon Park of DMTN
Half-Japanese, Half-Korean.
Speaks Japanese, Korean, and English.
Can rap in all three.
I mean, if perfection existed, ladies and gentlemen… IF perfection existed.
*PS: totally love his Chrome Hearts glasses here. Good taste.



Jay Park
Another interesting face.
He sings, dances, and raps in Korean.
He’s like, the definition of sexy.
I mean, he’s Jay Park, everyone.
Of course he was going to be on here.



Seungri of BIGBANG
Yeah, okay, Seungri’s on here.  I actually usually do not find Seungri that attractive.  Usually, I’m like “ugh, Seungri, you so sleeeaazy” or “ugh Seungri, you little man-child, grow up.”
Well, ladies and gentlemen, HE DID.
I saw his new MV for “Gotta Talk to You” and suddenly, Seungri was this…
I was like, “oh geez Seungri, what the eff HAPPENED?”
Maybe all of you who have always found the little panda attractive all along were just like “well, yeah” but I was in SHOCK at how gorgeous he is in this video.
The shots of him are incredible and his skin is so flawless.
Well done growing up, Seungri.  Seriously.

So yeah, there’s some noteworthy beautiful people for you to check out.  I did this post instead of a Fashion-History-Friday haha, so sorry about that.  But I really just felt like documenting some beautiful persons’ faces haha.

So there you go ❤

Alexander McQueen’s Legacy

Fashion History Fridays:  Alexander McQueen
Olivia of WangGuk

This Friday, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite designers of all time:  Alexander McQueen.
You may only have heard his name in passing or only know him by the thousands of replica skull-print scarves that are floating around online and in stores now, but this man actually has a very cool story, so here’s what I know about him.
He was born Lee Alexander McQueen in the East End of London; his father was a taxicab driver and their family was not super wealthy or of high social standing.  The youngest of six kids, Alexander said that he was three years old when he knew he wanted to be in fashion.  He said, “I’m the pink sheep of the family” and that he was “a rebel with a cause… to destroy the fashion industry from within.”
His career began when he left school at age 16 and studied tailoring at the Savile Row institution, Anderson and Sheppard, where he developed his exquisite tailoring skills, which is what he is known for to this day (besides his famously eccentric shows).  Of his time spent here, he said that it was a most “homophobic place,” that it was like being a plumber— “a nightmare.”  However, he was impeccably good at tailoring; everyone said this of him.  His shows were outrageous and were about shock-factor, yes, but underneath all of his conceptual genius, the clothing was simply well-made.
After his education, at age 20, he moved to Milan after working in theater for a bit, and in Milan, he worked for a few different people until moving back to London, where he began working on his own line.  Famous stylist Isabella Blow bought his entire first collection of coats and dresses that were lined with hair, wearing them when pictured in British Vogue.  She started following him, along with many other people high in fashion, and he began to grow in fame.

In October of 1996, the director of Christian Lacroix decided to have Alexander design for fashion power-house Givenchy, as John Galliano was currently leaving the house to start designing for Christian Dior.  So Alexander started designing couture for the Givenchy house, while still maintaining his privately owned brand, McQueen, of which he said, “I wouldn’t sell McQueen for nothing.”  His first two collections for Givenchy did not herald much praise from the public, but following these two, he began to channel his design aesthetic into a more streamlined and wearable couture, and he began to gain the public’s eye once more.
His private company, McQueen, began to grow as well, funded by the work he was doing for Givenchy.  His right-hand girl, Katy England had said that she never imagined the company reaching the heights it was now reaching— that they didn’t even have model fittings during their famous show, “Rape of the Highlands,” and their four-person team consisted of little more than a few sewing machines, Alexander, and that’s it.

Fall 1995, “Rape of the Highlands.” A show encompassing the concept of rape and vulgarity present in society. Where McQueen allegedly mooned the audience.

He was known as the “bad boy” of fashion in his time, always peculiar and always unpredictable.  In his early “Rape of the Highlands” famous show, he allegedly dropped his pants at the end of the show and turned his back on the audience, to which many responded by walking out of the show.  The show was high-energy and extremely expressive, lots of nudity— like many of his shows.  It is said of his earlier shows that they contained a lot of anger and emotion— Alexander was known to kind of have the punk-mentality in that he started designing at a time of great social strife in London; it was the time of the kids, the punks, the outsiders who were not readily understood by the larger society.  And Alexander’s voice in fashion sort of mirrored the punk voice in society at the time.

Spring/Summer 1999. McQueen’s “Robot” or “Man and Machine” show, in which his model came out in a beautiful plain white dress and was splattered with different colored paints shooting from robotic arms, so as to illustrate man’s relationship with machine at the time. He was quite the political speaker through his shows. This show, he later said, had brought him to tears as he watched it back-stage.

He was indeed a “pink sheep” in the fashion industry; he never did anything expected or traditional.  Many people shunned his shows, but many more adored him and couldn’t get enough of his theatrical masterpieces.  He sold out tickets for most of his shows months before they happened, and everyone was desperate to see what he’d create next.  His shows weren’t simply shows, they were living, breathing art.  He was a master of fashion.  He came to destroy the fashion industry and he instead changed it for the better, forever changing the definition of beauty, forever altering the standard for design.  When asked what fashion meant to him, Alexander answered, “change; constant change.”

Fall 2000 McQueen for Givenchy, Millennial party show.

Alexander’s  millennium show for Givenchy in Fall of 2000 was a giant chaotic party, complete with dancing, smooching, and everything in between, while models still walked among the chaos to deliver his designs.  In 2001, he left the house and continued to expand his own company.  Alexander kept producing fantastically conceptual shows until his death in February of 2011, where he was found at his home in London by his house-keeper.  It was pronounced a suicide some time after, and Alexander’s line was continued afterward by the Gucci Group, which Alexander had sold much of the business to prior.

Fall 2009, Chain Mail, McQueen for McQueen.
LOVE this.

Alexander McQueen is one of those designers who was so much more than a designer.  He was a genius, a creative soul who left this Earth too soon.  I miss him and I never even knew him.  He left quite a large footprint behind on the fashion world, and although his line continues, his famous theatricality and unique perspective on life are simply missing, in my opinion.  Alexander McQueen is another rags-to-riches story which truly inspires me— most of these fashion designers who went down in history have these kinds of journeys.  But Alexander’s story is quite unique, and he truly inspires me to not only continue doing what I’m doing, but also to never accept the status quo.  He inspires me to find beauty in unexpected places, like he did, to push boundaries set by societal standards, and that life is too short to be doing something that you don’t absolutely love.

Spring/Summer 1997, McQueen for McQueen.

“I never did anything to be famous; I mean, just go out and shoot someone and you could be famous.  That’s not the point.  What you need in the end is to get respect for what you do.”

Thanks and photo credits to:

Masters of Style series (watch this series; it’s fantastic) >>,p0,d0 

The Chrome Hearts Story

Fashion History Fridays: Chrome Hearts
By Olivia of WangGuk


Today, on this fine Friday, I’d like to talk a little bit about the luxury brand Chrome Hearts. I used to really not care for Chrome Hearts designs; I thought they were always either too gaudy or too gothic. But recently, I have grown to love the designs that come out of this brand and even more than that, as I’ve learned more about them, I’ve grown to love their story.
So, today, I’m just going to share a little bit about what I know of the story behind the brand and what I like about it.

Chrome Hearts as a label was officially established in 1988, but a few years prior, it was in the fetal stages of becoming a small business. It was started by Richard Stark and a couple of his buddies (Leonard Kamhout, a silversmith, and John Bowman, who made belts). They started as a leather-works business and made leather pieces for their motorcycling friends and others who heard about them. Eventually, some small-time directors in LA heard about them and asked them to do costumes for some of their films. Their first big break was making outfits for “Chopper Chicks in Zombietown,” which was a  B-movie horror film made in 1989. Coincidentally, one of the actors in the film happened to know the Sex Pistols‘ lead guitarist and ended up introducing the Chrome Hearts guys to the band.

From there, tons of connections were made and the business kept building. The Chrome Hearts guys met many high-to-dos in the fashion realm of the LA area and their leather pieces were featured in the likes of Vogue and others. In 1991, Richard Stark bought out his two partners and expanded the label himself, eventually expanding it to the brand it is today, producing unique luxury leather furniture, extremely intricate one-of-a-kind silver jewelry pieces, clothing, and other luxury house ware items.

It is also worth mentioning that, during the late 80s, in those first tender years of the brand’s birth, Chrome Hearts made this small lot of grunge t-shirts, each hand-distressed. The shirts were allegedly worn on the sets of some of the movies in LA that Chrome Hearts designed for. To wear them in and get them uniquely grunged-up, the story goes that the t-shirts were worn by the actors and actresses on set, and after this wearing-in, the shirts were bought by a stylist in LA on the set of one of the films. There were only six made in the lot, and the stylist owned them all. Recently, I was fortunate enough to find one of these incredible shirts on Etsy in a shop called “reSHIFT” (visit here>> ) and I was able to buy the one shirt that the stylist has currently let go of. Needless to say, for a fashion history fanatic and collector such as myself, I was beside myself at the fulfilled dream of owning such an amazing piece of history.

The brand is now run by the creative director and original founder, Richard Stark and his wife, Laurie Stark. The two live in Malibu, Southern California, and are each others’ business partners. Since its launch, Chrome Hearts has expanded to reach the corners of the world. There are multiple stores in Japan, Hong Kong, Taipei, London, Paris, Honolulu, Las Vegas, New York, and of course, the original factory and stores in Southern California (in LA and Malibu).
Chrome Hearts stores are kind of mystery places that can only be found by those who already know where they are. There are often no signs outside the store locations and the Starks don’t do any advertising. They just produce unique and quality art, and people always come running. The Chrome Hearts silver jewelry pieces in particular have recently become incredibly popular in many fashion scenes in Asia, specifically in Japan and Korea. Many of my favorite Korean pop stars (like the beautiful, more-than-note-worthy G-Dragon) sport many of the lavish heavy sterling silver Chrome Hearts necklaces and bracelets.

tumblr_m8evprdnl81r0fis0o1_500       x2_248ec28       6jjz3k           4328198
There are many reasons why I have grown to admire this label and the story of Richard Stark. First, I am inspired by the brand’s roots. Some college buddies consider their unique God-given talents and say ‘Hey, let’s start something’? I mean, if we’re looking for a rags-to-riches story, Chrome Hearts is a beautiful one. Starting my own small clothing business on Etsy has been a wild ride— it’s time-consuming, exhausting, difficult, and so worth it. I look at the fashion empire that is now Chrome Hearts, and when I consider that its humble beginning was nothing more than a few guys wanting to use their talents to live a dream, I am able to think ‘Oh, okay, this could work.’ Starting a business is a multi-challenging feat, but having my own business has been like having a baby— I love it more than anything and want nothing more than to see it grow. When I hear stories like that of Richard Stark and Chrome Hearts, I am able to see that there may be a place for someone like myself to make my own way in the vast world of fashion.


I’m hoping to get some Chrome Hearts stuff in the shop soon so stay tuned.

Visit us here>>

Thank you and Credits to the following for interview and history information and pictures used: