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Greasy Grungy Fall

Fashion Review Mondays:  Alexander Wang’s Fall/Winter 2015
This needs to begin with the disclaimer that this review is mostly full of disapproval and lack of admiration. Usually, I only post positive fashion reviews for Fashion Review Mondays, so I try to pick a collection that I actually feel positively about. But this time, I am sad to say that this collection from AWang left a bad taste in my mouth, and I didn’t think it would. There are, in my opinion, some positive aspects, but overall I was not impressed.

I would highly encourage anyone taking the time to read this to go watch the actual show, not only to— most importantly— formulate your own opinion of it, untainted by another’s slant, but also because I’ll be referencing specific parts and times of the show. To start, the show opens with an all-black tailored blazer, little high-neck leather top, wide-leg gaucho pants, and chunky platform creeper-type boots. Hair and make-up: disheveled chic? I was confused right away. Let us start with the actual clothes. They aren’t bad; they just weren’t that impressive to me idea-wise. What’s ground-breaking? The high-neck leather top is simple, modern, and versatile. Nothing not to like. The jacket, again, isn’t bad… it’s just not that exciting to me either. And now we’re at the pants. I really have never figured out the allure of the gaucho shape. It is a style that simultaneously cuts every woman—no matter how fit, healthy, or slim— the wrong way and also is just an incredibly awkward pant no matter what outfit is built around it. Now again, remember that this is my opinion and if you love gauchos and think they are the bees‘ knees, by all means, wear them to your heart’s content. I am sure they are comfy (comfort is really the only positive I can mark for them). But as far as elevated and innovative shapes go, I’m sorry but I don’t think they cut it. The shoes. Oh my word, those shoes. I’m trying to think of a really forgiving and also eloquent way of saying they are HIDEOUS. And please note that this comes from a person who really does appreciate a good creeper, even a platform one. But these are awful. It wasn’t even so much how they looked, but how they moved. The models looked ridiculous. The way they had to walk to accommodate the shape and height of them made them look incredibly awkward. All I could think when I saw them walking was “chunky duck feet.” Too bad elevated height didn’t translate to elevated taste.

At 0:55 of the show, there’s this look that is a beautifully tailored jacket paired with the prolifically over-occurring gauchos and sky-rise creeper boots. This is one of many examples of a look that could have been so beautiful, had not the weird gaucho pants and platform duck feet held it down. The jacket is gorgeous, wonderfully constructed, has an interesting studded high-neck, and is undeniably a great piece. It’s interesting but a classic. But paired with these odd others, the look just looks silly.

Another situation with a similar issue is the coat-and-gaucho combo at 1:15. I’m all for nontraditional pairing and the shape isn’t what bothers me. Again, perfectly beautiful coat; the shape is perfect. But the styling turns this look around a hideous corner. That coat, with its perfectly curved lines and its heavy structure could have really stood out, but instead, I again could only concentrate on the awful greasy tousle and the awkward gait that was allowed by the chunky duck waddlers. I mean, if I may be so blunt, the model was walking like a caveman in those shoes. It just wasn’t elevation of taste. It made me want to look away.
I will say that there were some amazing bags in this collection. I especially liked the studded leather backpack and clutch. There were also some looks that, save for the awkward duck shoes, were completely gorgeous, like the quilted mini-skirt and coat combo at 3:30. The sweater underneath is an amazing Fall piece as well. I loved that look. It wasn’t all bad, just the majority was unfortunately a bit amiss. Sometimes, it was simply the styling and weird pairing that screwed up a look, not so much the pieces themselves.

There’s another huge issue with this show that I must address: the choice of hair and make-up. I’m sorry, but… what? I read a comment in the comment section that said ‘oh are we bringing strung-out cocaine-chic back?‘ which were really my sentiments exactly. I know what grunge-chic looks like and also what bed-head disheveled chic may even look like, but this just looked like the girls hadn’t showered in a couple of weeks, had been backpacking out in the wilderness and were an oily greasy mess, but they still had a fashion show to work, so they just walked out looking like that. Their hair is literally plastered to their faces. They probably all broke out instantly after the show. It didn’t even look remotely attractive. And I do understand that sometimes, the point someone might be trying to make via high fashion does not always include looking ultimately attractive, but all this said to me was that 12-day-old hair is now in; looking like a grease-ball is all the rage. I think a statement can be achieved without looking disgusting. Plus, I don’t believe he was going for a bigger statement here; it was just bad styling. It was grease-chic. And it wasn’t working.

The real problem I have with all of this is that it didn’t feel like Alexander Wang for me. While I was watching it, if I didn’t already know whose show it was, I don’t think I could have guessed correctly. He has always been an innovator of shape and androgynous character, but has always accomplished this in a perfectly polished manner. He could make a statement while still maintaining an extremely elevated taste and impeccable craftsmanship. But this show truly was a miss to me. Where was the elevated taste? Where was his signature polished flare? Nothing looked well-put-together or attractive. It was different, but not in a good way. I’m sorry to say that, this week, my review cannot not be a completely positive one. From a great AWang fan, I have to say, I was far less than impressed.


Alexander the Great

Fashion Review Mondays: Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

By Olivia of WangGuk

This Monday’s fashion review is on Alexander Wang’s new Spring/Summer collection. As always, the show was overall fresh, new, exciting, and embodied innovativeness.

The show opened with an easy, white, cropped long-sleeve shirt coupled with a flirty hip-hugging mini skirt. Everything about this look and those that followed says “Spring.” The collection includes everything from structured menswear-type jackets, to flowing knee length skirts, to perforated leather coats, to logo-mania at its finest.
 When I think “menswear wool jacket”, I wouldn’t typically assume it to be a feminine item. Alexander Wang achieves this, through a masculine-does-feminine twist.


And when I look at the shape of these menswear-gone-womenswear jackets, I can see what makes them so sexy. Alexander Wang always knows what he’s doing in terms of shape and cut— he’s a master at designing cuts that flatter a woman’s body. So, with the right shape, a heavy wool jacket can look quite sexy, and still maintain a sense of conservativeness because of the fabric choice.

Logo-mania is another key player in Alexander Wang’s new collection. Logo-mania, which first rocked the high-fashion scene in the 1990s, is something Alexander Wang really played with in this collection. He said he wanted to bring the energy and fun of logo-mania to this collection, and channel it into the “necessary wardrobe items of today.” He completely achieved this.


His reference to the 90s suddenly becomes new and fresh and chic in this collection. He took something from the past, made it his own, and executed it in a way that made it modern. This logo-mania reference is woven throughout the collection, and was incorporated into the luxurious and hotly-discussed perforated leather coat, in which Alexander Wang’s name is laser-cut into the leather.

Another refreshing feature of his show was the styling. In so many ways, styling can easily kill a beautiful collection— it can become over-worked or busy, but this Spring collection is flawless. Once again, Alexander Wang has captured that New York girl. The make-up was barely there, the hair was just polished enough to be chic, but just unkempt enough to embody the effortless cool of a girl who can go straight from her bed to the streets looking edgy yet put-together.

What is arguably most notable about this collection— and a trademark of Alexander Wang’s work— is the seamless execution of androgynous beauty. His pieces always reference both feminine and masculine ideas; he so often incorporates both feminine and masculine into the same look. He does it using menswear wool and cutting it into a feminine shape, or by pairing a cropped flirty tank top with tailored wool trousers. And most of the time, this marriage of masculine and feminine is even more subtle than his stylistic choices. He can take a tailored menswear wool trouser and make it suddenly feminine by making the pant a capri, or tilting the pockets ever-so-slightly in a way that makes them so flattering on a woman’s body.
Alexander Wang is seriously pushing the envelope as far as innovativeness and fashion-forwardness. His aesthetic captures a beauty that is both masculine and feminine, but at the same time is neither. The beauty in his clothes is an elevated kind of beauty— a new kind of chicness. His clothes say “beauty is beyond being gendered.” His clothes speak of a new height for modern fashion, where menswear meets womenswear and where relaxed downtown edge meets high-fashion chic. Most importantly, his clothes are not merely clothes; they are words, spoken from designer to wearer, where wearability and utility are never lost in translation or sacrificed for the sake of innovation and creativity.

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watch full show here>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbzTeM7vm50