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Back to Effortless Chic

Fashion Review Mondays: Chloe’s 2017/2018 Fall/Winter
Olivia of KingdomClothing

This week’s fashion review goes to Chloe. I have been a fan of the Chloe house’s easy, classic aesthetic for a long time. I can remember loving this house’s designs when I was in high school— maybe even middle school. There has always been an easiness and grace to their pieces. And this upcoming Fall and Winter collection is no exception.
Here, watch it before you read on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QZlyoDkRs4
I actually riffled through a lot of shows to review before I happened upon this one. I have not been particularly taken aback or impressed by very many designers in the past year, to be frank. As I was looking through, I saw a lot of looks that simply seemed hackneyed to me, or if not that, then too reminiscent to be called avant garde but too garish to be called wearable. On the contrary, however, Chloe’s Fall show didn’t have one look that I really didn’t care for. All of them were tastefully executed, well- styled, and wearable without being boring or already-done.
Let’s start with the basics of the show, the nuts and bolts: the setting, choice in music, and lighting were simple, chic, and fresh. I couldn’t tell if I was watching a Spring show or a Fall one…and I liked that. So many of the pieces in this show (and pretty much all of the ones I’ll mention) are transition pieces and can easily be worn in Spring, Summer, Fall, OR Winter, which is kind of…fantastic. To achieve this level of seasonal transcendence is impressive and not something I have seen in a while. It’s also difficult to do: designing and styling pieces that transition from season to season.
There were many basic traditional Fall-type pieces I appreciated seeing in the collection. This coat, the opening piece, for example:


It’s that perfect Fall coat. But there is a freshness about it that takes some of the traditional Fall heaviness out of it: its slightly shorter length, its decidedly bright palette, its wide sleeves. There’s a funness about it that is like a wink or a giggle: small details that give way to an attitude.
Another beautiful piece is at 1:10 of the show (if you’re watching). I am in love with the easy movement of this simple androgynous look. One piece, gorgeous colors for Fall (but honestly classic enough to look chic in any season), and is a beautiful balance of what is traditionally “feminine” and what is traditionally called “masculine.”

This show also included a lot of patterns and shapes of the 60s and 70s. It was like a neat blend of 60s/70s Paris and modern-day New York City. In some other reviews I’ve read of it, many friends seem to think this collection is safe and lack-luster, but I respectfully disagree. The clothes we wear are about expression, but we mustn’t sacrifice wearability for voice. Some designs have such loud voices in these days that wearability has lost its meaning. What I appreciated so much in this collection was the fact that simplicity and chicness held hands with subtle boundary-pushing and nods to the past. Yes, there was a lack of avant garde, no real “I’m making a huge statement; look at me!” type looks going on. But for me, this show commanded my attention in other ways.
Take this look, for example:

Design-wise, anything ground-breaking? Not so much, but beautiful? Simple? Light? Fun? Still interesting? Classically chic and would still turn heads? Yes. And again, this is a perfect transitional piece. Could easily be styled for Spring or Fall. The dainty little cut-outs inter-mixed with the lace on the sleeves are so pretty.  And all of the simple, barely there, vintage-gracing shoes: gorgeous and wearable.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR fashion making statement, speaking for us, pushing boundaries, stepping out of the comfort-zone. But classically chic beautiful shapes and colors never fail and sometimes, as this show reminded me, simplicity is better. Subtle statements can be important, too.
As Keller’s time leading the designs for this house comes to an end, I think her nod to the house’s roots and her light-hearted simplicity in this collection were a beautiful end to a chapter and a welcoming for freshness.


Alexander the Great

Fashion Review Mondays: Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

By Olivia of WangGuk

This Monday’s fashion review is on Alexander Wang’s new Spring/Summer collection. As always, the show was overall fresh, new, exciting, and embodied innovativeness.

The show opened with an easy, white, cropped long-sleeve shirt coupled with a flirty hip-hugging mini skirt. Everything about this look and those that followed says “Spring.” The collection includes everything from structured menswear-type jackets, to flowing knee length skirts, to perforated leather coats, to logo-mania at its finest.
 When I think “menswear wool jacket”, I wouldn’t typically assume it to be a feminine item. Alexander Wang achieves this, through a masculine-does-feminine twist.


And when I look at the shape of these menswear-gone-womenswear jackets, I can see what makes them so sexy. Alexander Wang always knows what he’s doing in terms of shape and cut— he’s a master at designing cuts that flatter a woman’s body. So, with the right shape, a heavy wool jacket can look quite sexy, and still maintain a sense of conservativeness because of the fabric choice.

Logo-mania is another key player in Alexander Wang’s new collection. Logo-mania, which first rocked the high-fashion scene in the 1990s, is something Alexander Wang really played with in this collection. He said he wanted to bring the energy and fun of logo-mania to this collection, and channel it into the “necessary wardrobe items of today.” He completely achieved this.


His reference to the 90s suddenly becomes new and fresh and chic in this collection. He took something from the past, made it his own, and executed it in a way that made it modern. This logo-mania reference is woven throughout the collection, and was incorporated into the luxurious and hotly-discussed perforated leather coat, in which Alexander Wang’s name is laser-cut into the leather.

Another refreshing feature of his show was the styling. In so many ways, styling can easily kill a beautiful collection— it can become over-worked or busy, but this Spring collection is flawless. Once again, Alexander Wang has captured that New York girl. The make-up was barely there, the hair was just polished enough to be chic, but just unkempt enough to embody the effortless cool of a girl who can go straight from her bed to the streets looking edgy yet put-together.

What is arguably most notable about this collection— and a trademark of Alexander Wang’s work— is the seamless execution of androgynous beauty. His pieces always reference both feminine and masculine ideas; he so often incorporates both feminine and masculine into the same look. He does it using menswear wool and cutting it into a feminine shape, or by pairing a cropped flirty tank top with tailored wool trousers. And most of the time, this marriage of masculine and feminine is even more subtle than his stylistic choices. He can take a tailored menswear wool trouser and make it suddenly feminine by making the pant a capri, or tilting the pockets ever-so-slightly in a way that makes them so flattering on a woman’s body.
Alexander Wang is seriously pushing the envelope as far as innovativeness and fashion-forwardness. His aesthetic captures a beauty that is both masculine and feminine, but at the same time is neither. The beauty in his clothes is an elevated kind of beauty— a new kind of chicness. His clothes say “beauty is beyond being gendered.” His clothes speak of a new height for modern fashion, where menswear meets womenswear and where relaxed downtown edge meets high-fashion chic. Most importantly, his clothes are not merely clothes; they are words, spoken from designer to wearer, where wearability and utility are never lost in translation or sacrificed for the sake of innovation and creativity.

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watch full show here>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbzTeM7vm50