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Raw Foods Mini Journal
Olivia of WangGuk

Okay so here’s what happened:
Last week was tough but really awesome. Originally, I wanted to go entirely raw for a whole month. But today, I was thinking about it and I actually have really loved eating raw this week and last and would like to incorporate in into my forever diet. No, I don’t want to eat raw foods every day of my life starting now and ending forever (I die a little just thinking about that). But what I wanted to gain from this was perspective, and I have. During my thinking today, as I sat at school, munching on carrots and cucumbers as I taught children with snacks I envied, I realized that this wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Yeah, it can get a little boring if you’re not creative with it and yes, on some days, I constantly felt like I was hungry. But for the most part, I was fine and I actually feel really good.


What I’m thinking of doing is eating raw four days a week and for three days a week either eating vegan, pescatarian or vegetarian (which is my staple diet anyway). I kind of like this 4/3 plan because I eat super clean and clear out my system weekly for four whole days and then I can kind of do whatever I want (within reason) on the weekend, or whenever I’ve chosen to have my weekend (sometimes I have a non-traditional weekend, like Sunday-Tuesday).

I also think I may not be raw for an entire month. And before any judgement happens (ha!), I will say I argued with myself a lot about this one. I have a lot of self-control naturally and I know I could do this for a month. So naturally, my mind wants to “win” and not “give up” early. But, I told myself, this whole thing’s point was to gain new perspective and decide on a diet that helps to truly serve my body well, unlike my current eating-like-a-twelve-year-old-boy diet. And I feel like I have already made that decision. I’m not giving up; I’m actually committing to more than I thought I would be in the long-run. This week, I have done my time: I put in the four days (it’s Thursday), and next week, starting Monday, I will be raw again until Friday. And the cycle will repeat itself.

I like it. I’m happy that I experimented with this. Even if I didn’t complete a month, I feel like what I gained is better. At the start of this week (certainly by the end of Monday, holy crap), I would have LAUGHED my head off at the thought of incorporating this type of eating into my forever life. On Monday night, I can vividly remember thinking to myself, “just 27 more days of this shit, Olivia…then you can have Taco Bell.” And now, after a week, I’m thinking to myself, “actually…I like this”— haha a WOLRD of difference in just four days. And that’s how I always am— at first it’s “HOLY COW I HATE THIS” and an hour later, after giving something a legitimate try it’s “alright…not completely horrific…I GUESS.” That’s just me.

So no, I most likely will not be doing an entirely raw month (my original original plan was to just do a week anyhow), but I think on Wednesdays, instead of my “What-I’m-Wearing” post, I’m going to do a “What-I’m-Eating” post, where I include pictures of a raw meal that I like to make and share what’s going on with it (ingredients and how to prepare it…not that there’s much prepping to raw meals…like, you can’t cook it soooo haha PERFECT for friends like me who SUCK at cooking anything!).

In a way, my food updates will continue, but weekly and only on Wednesdays 🙂
Thank you to all who showed me encouragement and interest. You are aamazing and I appreciate you. ❤


Raw Foods #RAWBODY #RAWSTATE Update: Week 1

RAW FOODS DAILY : Raw Foods Mini Journey
Olivia of WangGuk

Daily Blog Posts About Raw Fooding for a Month

Okay, so this is the second day, Tuesday. I have decided not to do blog posts every single day for this, but more like every other or every three days. I think it’ll be easier and also keep things more concise.
The first fully raw day was yesterday and I felt AWFUL. I knew this was going to happen. It’s typical for any body to feel sick, even if you’re eating super healthy foods, when it’s transitioning. And it’s not like I prepped for a whole week before transitioning to this type of eating, anyway, so I knew I was going to feel kind of bad. I took like, one day and then jumped right in on Monday; I didn’t prep much. And I was miserable all day. I had to work long hours on Monday, so I cut up veggies and fruits beforehand so I could just grab them and go in the morning. Monday was part cleanse, part fiber-heavy. So I ate a ton of fennel, carrots, charcoal, and some cucumber. When I got off work, I felt like I was DYING. It took all of my mental self control not to drive by my local burrito place and down two whole burritos.
I abstained, though, and once I got home, I made my own version of guac (avocados, lime, cilantro and pepper) and ate that with raw zucchini chips. It was really good and actually felt super satisfying considering how terrible my body felt the whole day. I had a banana and some almonds for an evening snack.

I’m really going to have to find creative ways to keep my calories up during work days so I don’t feel like falling over and dying the whole time I’m working, because I think that was part of the problem today.
In the evening, I felt better and tried to hydrate myself, but by the time I hit the pillow, I had a splitting headache, I was so irritable I couldn’t even talk to anyone anymore, and I still felt like I was starving. I was also bloated beyond belief the entire day and was farting up a STORM (that fiber doing its job). No poop. I am used to pooping like once or twice a day haha so not pooping was weird.


Today is Tuesday, my second day, and I woke up feeling surprisingly really good. I was kind of shocked. I didn’t sleep that well, but that’s normal for me.  But I didn’t have a headache anymore and I felt pretty decent. And my bloat was TOTALLY GONE.  Without even pooping!  Strange. Where did it go…?  haha Also!— my skin looked super bright, like a bit more glowy than normal. Imagination? Maybe.

For breakfast, I had cold-pressed kale-spinach-orange-fennel-pineapple juice and some chlorophyll water for hydration.
Snacks today were blueberries, raspberries, almonds, pecans, dates (nature’s CANDY), and fennel tea.
I am planning on working out tonight (I’m doing a separate blog post about how I’m trying to keep the same work out routine while raw fooding) so I am loading up on dates and nuts and tons of hydration. Update tomorrow or Thursday! ❤