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My Story

This is Me
By Olivia

Hi everyone. I need to start out this blog in gratitude and also in honesty. So first, thank you for following and/or reading. Thanks for taking an interest in either me or my business. Second, here’s my story.
So I live in Southern California, in Ventura County. I live in a little town that is perfectly halfway between Santa Barbara and LA. I have lived my whole life here (besides living in Santa Barbara with all of my friends for a few years), and it’s a good little place. I like it. But it is small and it’s difficult to do certain things here…like find jobs. So, I am planning to move to downtown LA within the next six months, where I hope to somehow support myself doing some kind of church/non-profit work in the area.
So, I hope this clears up any confusion there may have been about the location of my business— if that’s what brought you here. Technically, my business has no physical location because it is a shop I run online via Etsy. In case you are reading this and you don’t know, I have a shop on Etsy called WangGukClothing, where I sell unique fashion finds and vintage clothing, and this blog is kind of a sister site that supplements the store. Here is where you’ll find kind of the juices behind the shop—behind-the-scenes stuff from our photo shoots, and extra things like our themed every-day posts. So anyway, yes I do live in Southern California, but no I do not live in downtown Los Angeles yet, which is what it says on my Etsy site.
My shop is something I started because I had just graduated from school, I wasn’t working yet, I had no idea what to do with myself, and I had a bunch of cool clothes that wouldn’t fit in mine or my mom’s closets anymore. Setting up a shop on Etsy is fairly simple (it’s the upkeep that’s the work), so I started it one day in the middle of summer and was shocked when I started selling things. Soon, I began to actually shop separately for things to put in the shop, and I would go on thrifting trips around my area or comb eBay for stellar finds. Pretty soon, I fell in love with it. I loved the customers, I loved being able to make money doing something I loved, and more than anything, I felt like I was doing something I was made to do— almost like God was like, “This is for you.” So I kept at it.
But business is a fickle thing. Anyone who has their own knows that it’s an extremely difficult way to live. One week, I’ll have six orders and the next week I’ll have zero. It isn’t steady. So, there came the time when I needed to find a semi-regular income so that I would be able to buy gas and food. So I started working at one of the thrift shops I frequently shop at so that my income would serve as a supplement to the shop. I also substitute teach, which is good money, but also kind of hit-or-miss because you never know when you’ll get called.
So anyway, this is my life. I graduated from college with good grades and a double major in English and Environmental Biology, I couldn’t find a job, I still can’t afford to live on my own, I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m constantly trying to be a real adult but I don’t really know what that looks like yet, and I pray every day that God guides me in the right direction. Because I have no idea where I’m going. One day, I’d love to have my own little apartment that’s crappy but incredible because it’s mine, work in downtown LA doing something I really love, and somehow expand my shop in a way that brings me joy and brings glory to the Kingdom of God. I don’t know how to do that yet, so I’m still here in no-man’s land, trying to figure myself out, but I do feel like God’s giving me little nudges here and there that keep me on track. So for now, I’m at His good grace, not quite floating but not quite running in any particular direction yet. I have a dream and I have high hopes, so thank you for taking an interest in this journey and thank you for letting me share it with you.