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#RAWBODY Journey

RAW FOODS DAILY : Raw Foods Mini Journey
Olivia of WangGuk

Daily Blog Posts About Raw Fooding for a Month

***HEALTH WARNING!*** This is a personal account of MY raw fooding, but it of course will not be an ideal plan for everyone. Also, I am an average citizen as far as dietetics goes— which means I am not a licensed dietician or certified nutritionist. I’m not even someone with a human nutrition, physiology, or kinesiology degree. I do have a biology degree and took a few nutrition classes because of it, so I know some things, but I’m not someone who knows it all, so if you are following this blog, please remember that I’m kind of just an average joe haha, NOT a professional. Just a disclaimer. Enjoy ❤
This is the day before the journey starts. Which, actually, is truly when a journey really starts. So here’s what I’m doing for a month and why.
I have been out of school for a little while now (you know, the land of super healthy, super regular eating…ha), and I’ve never really been on any kind of regular eating routine or habit. I’ve been a “vegetarian” since my junior year of high school. But the reason there are quotes around that term is because I haven’t been entirely consistent. I was a really strict one for about four years. Then in school, it was hit or miss. After I was out, I was with someone who had the worst eating habits known to man— which I was okay with, and I started eating meat again (along with a BUNCH of fast food and the like because that was what he was eating and it’s just kind of easier to eat whatever when you’re with someone who eats whatever). After I wasn’t with that person, I remained a pescatarian (which means fish is the only meat you eat), but not really super healthy still.
Recently, just in the last half a year or so, I’ve just become a whatever-eater again— an opportunistic eater, if you will. If it’s donut day at school and all the other teachers are eating mad donuts, I’m not going to sit there and NOT eat donuts. If one of the families I work for makes homemade chili and asks if I want some, I’m NOT going to say no to free food, even if there’s some stray meat in there. After a while, however, I started to not feel as great. Suddenly, I didn’t have washboard abs like I was always used to having. My digestive tract didn’t feel so hot. Suddenly, hot cheetos, kbbq, cheese fries, Taco Bell, and opportunistic donuts and chili wasn’t cutting it.
And you might be reading this thinking, “Well duh, Olivia, what— did you really think you could eat like a twelve-year-old boy forever?” And honestly… um, yeah, I was kind of under that impression, actually. I know that sounds kind of dumb, but I’ve been able to eat my weight in whichever food of my choosing for a long time now and was always used to not really seeing any negative results. My stomach always stayed flat, I always felt like a million bucks after 15 dollars worth of Taco Bell, and I never even knew what the “lava crap” my friends described after eating Boiling Crab was.  I had never experienced that.  And so I never really had reason to change my eating habits.
But once age 25 hit, my body was suddenly like, “Yes well, your time has come. Your luck has finally run out. Best wishes.” And I started gaining weight in places I didn’t even know my body had, my gut always felt unsettled, and honestly, even emotionally I started to feel not 100%.
So!— I decided to start a mini journey of sorts to perhaps clean myself out. I don’t know what the end results will entail, but I am starting a raw foods journey. For a month, I’m eating nothing but raw foods. It will be fairly strict, but I have parameters.
Each one of my days in a week is going to be themed:

Sundays: These will be Flush Days for me, to prepare myself for the upcoming week. Ideally these will be full-liquids days, like cleanse days. I’ll drink things that offer tons of hydration and things that also pull crap out of the system, like charcoal, herbal teas, and different kinds of waters.

Mondays: Fiber Day. I’m starting each week in this raw foods month with foods high in fiber. This won’t be too scary because, on Sundays, I’ll have completely hydrated myself and hopefully flushed out my system enough to prepare for fiber. The point of this day is to clean out the gut. Flushing out some impurities and yuckies with things like certain herbal teas, ginger, charcoal, and others is wonderful, but the gut still hangs on to a lot. So fiber is great because it pushes stuff through the system.

Tuesdays: Nutrient Density Day. This is the start of my nutrient-dense days. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be these kinds of days and will all be kind of similar, with slight differences for variety’s sake. I’ll be eating stuff high in antioxidants and vitamins on these days (think “super foods” like berries, kale, flax, etc.).

Wednesdays: Second Nutrient Density Day; similar to Tuesdays, with variations.

Thursdays: Third Nutrient Density Day, but this day will start to include more raw juices and not as much solid food.

Fridays: These days will be slightly higher in protein and fat to prepare for the weekend (because at the end of Saturday and into all of Sunday, I’ll be flushing). I’ll be eating raw nuts (and YES, I’ll be eating these throughout the week, but just in a higher ratio on Fridays), some raw seeds and grains, and still mostly vegetables with high nutrient densities.

Saturday: A Relax Day: This does not mean a “cheat day,” but it does mean a less structured day. Throughout the week, I will be eating raw things that are high in fats and protein; it’s not all typical fruits and veggies (like I’ll be eating coconut and avocados and homemade nut butters— minus any oil or emulsifiers). But on Saturdays, I’m kind of going to let myself eat whatever I want as long as it’s raw and not worry so much about my ratios. If I want to eat a bunch of avocado with lemon, fine. If I want to eat some nut “butter”, I’m going to go ahead. I can’t get too carried away and make it a suuuper heavy day, because the next day (Sunday) is going to be an all-liquids day and I want to transition appropriately from Saturday and not feel like I’m starving/dying on Sunday.

So, anyway, that’s a rough break-down. If you read through all of it, congrats haha you must be really interested in this journey, or highly curious, because that’s a lot of words!
If you’re following it, nice! If you’re trying to replicate, please do some of your own research first because like I state in my disclaimer, this won’t be right for every single body’s needs. Heck, it may not even work out entirely for my own body! I don’t know yet! I have planned out my days and weeks according to the knowledge and research I’ve done about my own body and appropriate nutrition for it, but hey, it may turn out that halfway through this, I have to make some changes because it’s not working out.
So!— Thank you if you’re interested (and thank you if you’re not), and here we go!



Back to Effortless Chic

Fashion Review Mondays: Chloe’s 2017/2018 Fall/Winter
Olivia of KingdomClothing

This week’s fashion review goes to Chloe. I have been a fan of the Chloe house’s easy, classic aesthetic for a long time. I can remember loving this house’s designs when I was in high school— maybe even middle school. There has always been an easiness and grace to their pieces. And this upcoming Fall and Winter collection is no exception.
Here, watch it before you read on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QZlyoDkRs4
I actually riffled through a lot of shows to review before I happened upon this one. I have not been particularly taken aback or impressed by very many designers in the past year, to be frank. As I was looking through, I saw a lot of looks that simply seemed hackneyed to me, or if not that, then too reminiscent to be called avant garde but too garish to be called wearable. On the contrary, however, Chloe’s Fall show didn’t have one look that I really didn’t care for. All of them were tastefully executed, well- styled, and wearable without being boring or already-done.
Let’s start with the basics of the show, the nuts and bolts: the setting, choice in music, and lighting were simple, chic, and fresh. I couldn’t tell if I was watching a Spring show or a Fall one…and I liked that. So many of the pieces in this show (and pretty much all of the ones I’ll mention) are transition pieces and can easily be worn in Spring, Summer, Fall, OR Winter, which is kind of…fantastic. To achieve this level of seasonal transcendence is impressive and not something I have seen in a while. It’s also difficult to do: designing and styling pieces that transition from season to season.
There were many basic traditional Fall-type pieces I appreciated seeing in the collection. This coat, the opening piece, for example:


It’s that perfect Fall coat. But there is a freshness about it that takes some of the traditional Fall heaviness out of it: its slightly shorter length, its decidedly bright palette, its wide sleeves. There’s a funness about it that is like a wink or a giggle: small details that give way to an attitude.
Another beautiful piece is at 1:10 of the show (if you’re watching). I am in love with the easy movement of this simple androgynous look. One piece, gorgeous colors for Fall (but honestly classic enough to look chic in any season), and is a beautiful balance of what is traditionally “feminine” and what is traditionally called “masculine.”

This show also included a lot of patterns and shapes of the 60s and 70s. It was like a neat blend of 60s/70s Paris and modern-day New York City. In some other reviews I’ve read of it, many friends seem to think this collection is safe and lack-luster, but I respectfully disagree. The clothes we wear are about expression, but we mustn’t sacrifice wearability for voice. Some designs have such loud voices in these days that wearability has lost its meaning. What I appreciated so much in this collection was the fact that simplicity and chicness held hands with subtle boundary-pushing and nods to the past. Yes, there was a lack of avant garde, no real “I’m making a huge statement; look at me!” type looks going on. But for me, this show commanded my attention in other ways.
Take this look, for example:

Design-wise, anything ground-breaking? Not so much, but beautiful? Simple? Light? Fun? Still interesting? Classically chic and would still turn heads? Yes. And again, this is a perfect transitional piece. Could easily be styled for Spring or Fall. The dainty little cut-outs inter-mixed with the lace on the sleeves are so pretty.  And all of the simple, barely there, vintage-gracing shoes: gorgeous and wearable.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR fashion making statement, speaking for us, pushing boundaries, stepping out of the comfort-zone. But classically chic beautiful shapes and colors never fail and sometimes, as this show reminded me, simplicity is better. Subtle statements can be important, too.
As Keller’s time leading the designs for this house comes to an end, I think her nod to the house’s roots and her light-hearted simplicity in this collection were a beautiful end to a chapter and a welcoming for freshness.

Greasy Grungy Fall

Fashion Review Mondays:  Alexander Wang’s Fall/Winter 2015
This needs to begin with the disclaimer that this review is mostly full of disapproval and lack of admiration. Usually, I only post positive fashion reviews for Fashion Review Mondays, so I try to pick a collection that I actually feel positively about. But this time, I am sad to say that this collection from AWang left a bad taste in my mouth, and I didn’t think it would. There are, in my opinion, some positive aspects, but overall I was not impressed.

I would highly encourage anyone taking the time to read this to go watch the actual show, not only to— most importantly— formulate your own opinion of it, untainted by another’s slant, but also because I’ll be referencing specific parts and times of the show. To start, the show opens with an all-black tailored blazer, little high-neck leather top, wide-leg gaucho pants, and chunky platform creeper-type boots. Hair and make-up: disheveled chic? I was confused right away. Let us start with the actual clothes. They aren’t bad; they just weren’t that impressive to me idea-wise. What’s ground-breaking? The high-neck leather top is simple, modern, and versatile. Nothing not to like. The jacket, again, isn’t bad… it’s just not that exciting to me either. And now we’re at the pants. I really have never figured out the allure of the gaucho shape. It is a style that simultaneously cuts every woman—no matter how fit, healthy, or slim— the wrong way and also is just an incredibly awkward pant no matter what outfit is built around it. Now again, remember that this is my opinion and if you love gauchos and think they are the bees‘ knees, by all means, wear them to your heart’s content. I am sure they are comfy (comfort is really the only positive I can mark for them). But as far as elevated and innovative shapes go, I’m sorry but I don’t think they cut it. The shoes. Oh my word, those shoes. I’m trying to think of a really forgiving and also eloquent way of saying they are HIDEOUS. And please note that this comes from a person who really does appreciate a good creeper, even a platform one. But these are awful. It wasn’t even so much how they looked, but how they moved. The models looked ridiculous. The way they had to walk to accommodate the shape and height of them made them look incredibly awkward. All I could think when I saw them walking was “chunky duck feet.” Too bad elevated height didn’t translate to elevated taste.

At 0:55 of the show, there’s this look that is a beautifully tailored jacket paired with the prolifically over-occurring gauchos and sky-rise creeper boots. This is one of many examples of a look that could have been so beautiful, had not the weird gaucho pants and platform duck feet held it down. The jacket is gorgeous, wonderfully constructed, has an interesting studded high-neck, and is undeniably a great piece. It’s interesting but a classic. But paired with these odd others, the look just looks silly.

Another situation with a similar issue is the coat-and-gaucho combo at 1:15. I’m all for nontraditional pairing and the shape isn’t what bothers me. Again, perfectly beautiful coat; the shape is perfect. But the styling turns this look around a hideous corner. That coat, with its perfectly curved lines and its heavy structure could have really stood out, but instead, I again could only concentrate on the awful greasy tousle and the awkward gait that was allowed by the chunky duck waddlers. I mean, if I may be so blunt, the model was walking like a caveman in those shoes. It just wasn’t elevation of taste. It made me want to look away.
I will say that there were some amazing bags in this collection. I especially liked the studded leather backpack and clutch. There were also some looks that, save for the awkward duck shoes, were completely gorgeous, like the quilted mini-skirt and coat combo at 3:30. The sweater underneath is an amazing Fall piece as well. I loved that look. It wasn’t all bad, just the majority was unfortunately a bit amiss. Sometimes, it was simply the styling and weird pairing that screwed up a look, not so much the pieces themselves.

There’s another huge issue with this show that I must address: the choice of hair and make-up. I’m sorry, but… what? I read a comment in the comment section that said ‘oh are we bringing strung-out cocaine-chic back?‘ which were really my sentiments exactly. I know what grunge-chic looks like and also what bed-head disheveled chic may even look like, but this just looked like the girls hadn’t showered in a couple of weeks, had been backpacking out in the wilderness and were an oily greasy mess, but they still had a fashion show to work, so they just walked out looking like that. Their hair is literally plastered to their faces. They probably all broke out instantly after the show. It didn’t even look remotely attractive. And I do understand that sometimes, the point someone might be trying to make via high fashion does not always include looking ultimately attractive, but all this said to me was that 12-day-old hair is now in; looking like a grease-ball is all the rage. I think a statement can be achieved without looking disgusting. Plus, I don’t believe he was going for a bigger statement here; it was just bad styling. It was grease-chic. And it wasn’t working.

The real problem I have with all of this is that it didn’t feel like Alexander Wang for me. While I was watching it, if I didn’t already know whose show it was, I don’t think I could have guessed correctly. He has always been an innovator of shape and androgynous character, but has always accomplished this in a perfectly polished manner. He could make a statement while still maintaining an extremely elevated taste and impeccable craftsmanship. But this show truly was a miss to me. Where was the elevated taste? Where was his signature polished flare? Nothing looked well-put-together or attractive. It was different, but not in a good way. I’m sorry to say that, this week, my review cannot not be a completely positive one. From a great AWang fan, I have to say, I was far less than impressed.

House of Words

Today I decided to do a post on bullying and verbal harassment because I think, although this subject matter is currently on the rise for receiving more attention, it needs to be talked about and split open a little bit more.
A few days ago, at one of my workplaces, I was victim to verbal harassment and bullying. I usually hate using the word “victim” in any scenario because I always want to keep in mind that there are two sides to any fight and usually two to blame, but in the case of bullying, it’s usually clear that there is a bully and there is a victim. Anyway, as you might know, one of my many jobs is a retail job, and as you might know, retail is one of the most thankless jobs there is, infamous for the difficult customers one encounters in any retail position. I had a particularly awful customer a few days ago and among other unpleasant things she said to me, she called me my number one most hated word for a woman— twice. In front of her two young daughters. Why? Because I asked her youngest child politely to stop soiling the clothing that was on display in the store, which she had been doing (among other obnoxious and unsafe activities) for about an hour.
At this point I was offended (obviously) and so I talked back to her, trying to explain what I asked her daughter to do and also to comment on how inappropriate she was being. I was bullied more, at which point I excused myself to our back room and waited until she left, no longer helping her older daughter. This daughter had become so embarrassed by her mother’s scene and language that she actually asked her to stop talking (the one ray of hope I felt for humanity that day) .
The next day, I decided to tell one of my superiors about it, and I expected to have a constructive conversation about it, wondering what our policy was if an employee was being verbally harassed by a customer. At other places I’ve worked at, we usually had a no-tolerance policy for harassment, meaning that if a customer was behaving in such a manner, the managers had a right to refuse service to them altogether and ask them to leave, and if they refused to leave, they were escorted out of the store by security. When I told one of my superiors about it, she informed me that I should not have talked back to her and should have given her service anyway and that was the end of it. She was callous, not understanding, and honestly, pretty harsh about it, which completely blind-sided me because we were good friends before this. I didn’t feel validated, I didn’t feel defended, and I didn’t feel protected.
What shocked me the most in this entire situation was that it even occurred at all. It surprises me everyday the deconstructive words that people let spew from their mouths, without a second thought to the damage they could inflict simply with their word choice. And I’m not innocent from this— we all use words in hideous manners at some point, or various points, in our lives. I do it too, all the time, without even realizing it. But what I think is so key to the entire subject of bullying and verbal harassment is, simply put, our words. If we’re not using words to build others up or to benefit those who hear them, they should not exit our mouths— period. There is no excuse to verbally harass anyone. Once we start using our words for pride or hate or simply harshness, we rob words of the beautifully priceless potential they have for positive impact. If all we’re going to use words for is crassness and pride, then we don’t deserve the privilege of having words at our disposal.
Another thing I think is important in the sphere of verbal harassment and bullying is all of the bystanders in harassment situations. If we are bystanders (aka, not actually involved but witness to an event of harassment), we must not simply be bystanders. Where is the unity in humanity if we aren’t brave enough to stand up for (and to) our other brothers and sisters? It’s cowardice and irresponsibility to do otherwise. We need to be actively seeking to end bullying and harassment of all kinds, and sometimes that means standing up for someone for their own benefit. We need not be useless bystanders, but brave and active ones.
Point of the story is that words are important. And we need to be brave enough to use them in good ways and stand up to those who aren’t using them in good ways. We need to protect each other from the knife that is a negative word, and call each other out accordingly when we too use words with flagrance and thoughtlessness. Let’s be brave people, not petty. Words can make all the difference in the world, so let’s use them to build up, not to tear down.
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. ~Ephesians 4.29

The Orchestra

The Orchestra:  the Kingdom as Song
Olivia of WangGuk

I have been really behind on posts here lately; please forgive that.  Life gets so complicated sometimes.  Instead of a Fashion-Review-Monday, this is just a general post that I meant to post yesterday because it’s more of a Kingdom-Thoughts-type post.
Over the weekend, I was able to drive down to LA to visit my family— one of my cousins is a really talented classical musician and I got to watch him play as a part of a local orchestra.  It was an awesome experience for a lot of reasons— I’ve never seen him play classical music before, so that was great, and I got to see my family and that’s always awesome.  But as I was watching him play, I started thinking about what playing as part of an orchestra actually means.  At first, I just watched my cousin playing, since he was who I was there to see and support.  But as the music flowed onward, I started looking all over the stage at each of the different players.  It was amazing to me that each one of these people was so gifted, so talented on their own— yet each of them was also part of a bigger picture.  Each one of them played a different part, but each one of them was necessary for each song.  Each player’s part was unique and different, but each was necessary and each was beautiful.
I think the Kingdom is like this.  We are each talented in different ways, but when working together, we suddenly become this bigger picture, this greater good.  And each one of us is vital to that greater good.  In an orchestra, if one person is missing, the other players feel the loss, even if the audience doesn’t know the difference.  And each person plays a separate part of the same song, but when meshed together perfectly, all of the different melodies makes a masterpiece.  In life, we each have different roles, but I think in a perfect, working Community, each person’s unique role fits perfectly into the web with everyone else’s special role.
Another thing I noticed while watching the orchestra:  if someone messed up or played a wrong chord, there was no discord to be noticed.  Everyone simply moved on and kept playing, for the sake of the song.  I think this is how the Community should be as well:  if we focus too long on any one mistake made by either oneself or another brother, how will we finish the song?  We need to keep moving forward so that we can finish the masterpiece, keep running the race.  Mistakes will happen; they are inevitable, they are necessary— and choosing to move forward after mistakes are made must be necessary too, for progress’s sake.  If we each keep playing our unique parts and keep holding each other up after mistakes, we’ll be part of a big beautiful song— how awesome.
The Kingdom is our Song.  And God’s the best Conductor I can imagine:  He’s there to remind, He’s there to suggest, He’s there to guide and encourage— but He won’t force a player to play right.  He will strengthen, but we have to want to keep playing to make the Song a reality.  I think that’s a pretty cool working, breathing Kingdom— a Song perfected is what to look forward to on this beautiful Earth.