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O! R U L8 2?

KPOP Tuesdays:  BTS’s New Album, O! R U L8, 2? (Oh! Are you Late, Too?)
Olivia of WangGuk
So last week’s KPOP review was on BTS’s new song, N.O, which I love.  But this week, I found it really difficult to review any one specific music video because I was still too distracted by how amazing BTS really is.  I came to this realization after purchasing their newest album on iTunes.  This album is insanely good— by any standard.
If you’ve ever watched an interview with these guys, you’ve probably heard them say some version of what is quickly becoming their group catch phrase:  that they are striving to produce the most authentic and real rap/hip-hop.  This is a fine goal, to be sure, as Jack would say, but it is no easy task.  Hip-hop and street rap have an intense cultural history and real rap— I’m talking the purest of poetry, that sick spoken word— is not an easy mode of expression to master.  That’s why this new album impresses me so much.  When I hear the songs, I hear more than a melody and I hear more than a good beat (which is all I can really say for a lot of music these days).  I hear rawness, I hear realness, I hear something deep and tangible.  This album deals with some heavy themes, but it is by no means an intensely heavy album altogether.  It’s just real.  It’s just music done right.  It has so much soul in it; I’m honestly in love with it.
If you haven’t listened to this album yet, invest some time in it— it will be WORTH IT.  And if you’re sitting there thinking, “Yeah but I don’t understand Korean”, then look up the beautiful lyrics so that you can appreciate them, but also just sit and enjoy the insanely good rhythms these guys weave.  They are all talented members— there’s not one in the group who isn’t.  But if I’m really going to point fingers at who captured my heart in this album, I guess I’d have to point toward the group’s leader, Rap Monster.  He’s an insanely good rapper— in English and in Korean— and his voice is always so heavy and full of the burden he’s communicating in his songs.  He’s crazy talented, and I never realized just how talented until I listened to this album all the way through (on my way to my cousin’s orchestra, if you read yesterday’s post).
Anyway, I just wanted to make a post about how much I love this album because…I love it haha.  And it MUST be appreciated, it’s too good.  So check it out!


The Orchestra

The Orchestra:  the Kingdom as Song
Olivia of WangGuk

I have been really behind on posts here lately; please forgive that.  Life gets so complicated sometimes.  Instead of a Fashion-Review-Monday, this is just a general post that I meant to post yesterday because it’s more of a Kingdom-Thoughts-type post.
Over the weekend, I was able to drive down to LA to visit my family— one of my cousins is a really talented classical musician and I got to watch him play as a part of a local orchestra.  It was an awesome experience for a lot of reasons— I’ve never seen him play classical music before, so that was great, and I got to see my family and that’s always awesome.  But as I was watching him play, I started thinking about what playing as part of an orchestra actually means.  At first, I just watched my cousin playing, since he was who I was there to see and support.  But as the music flowed onward, I started looking all over the stage at each of the different players.  It was amazing to me that each one of these people was so gifted, so talented on their own— yet each of them was also part of a bigger picture.  Each one of them played a different part, but each one of them was necessary for each song.  Each player’s part was unique and different, but each was necessary and each was beautiful.
I think the Kingdom is like this.  We are each talented in different ways, but when working together, we suddenly become this bigger picture, this greater good.  And each one of us is vital to that greater good.  In an orchestra, if one person is missing, the other players feel the loss, even if the audience doesn’t know the difference.  And each person plays a separate part of the same song, but when meshed together perfectly, all of the different melodies makes a masterpiece.  In life, we each have different roles, but I think in a perfect, working Community, each person’s unique role fits perfectly into the web with everyone else’s special role.
Another thing I noticed while watching the orchestra:  if someone messed up or played a wrong chord, there was no discord to be noticed.  Everyone simply moved on and kept playing, for the sake of the song.  I think this is how the Community should be as well:  if we focus too long on any one mistake made by either oneself or another brother, how will we finish the song?  We need to keep moving forward so that we can finish the masterpiece, keep running the race.  Mistakes will happen; they are inevitable, they are necessary— and choosing to move forward after mistakes are made must be necessary too, for progress’s sake.  If we each keep playing our unique parts and keep holding each other up after mistakes, we’ll be part of a big beautiful song— how awesome.
The Kingdom is our Song.  And God’s the best Conductor I can imagine:  He’s there to remind, He’s there to suggest, He’s there to guide and encourage— but He won’t force a player to play right.  He will strengthen, but we have to want to keep playing to make the Song a reality.  I think that’s a pretty cool working, breathing Kingdom— a Song perfected is what to look forward to on this beautiful Earth.