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Appreciation: The Dying Art

Appreciation: The Dying Art
Free-Thoughts Thursdays
Olivia of KingdomClothing

This compilation of Thursday thoughts seems to be bursting out of me. We live in a world of both instant and constant gratification. We’re therefore a bit lacking in the appreciation department. It sucks. I see it at work, at school in my little kids, at home, in the attitudes of my friends, in relationships, in myself. We’ve become a thankless society. And you know why? Because we never have to live without. We’re never really without anything we need— or even anything we really want. It’s just there. No need to be thankful for something that’s always around, right? That’s the attitude. That saying, “You don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it” is remarkably true and so relevant today. We’re so lost. So wound up in ourselves. No one is thankful just for breath anymore. I’m guilty too; I’m not exempting myself. We’re lost. It’s that inward curvature of the heart. Sometimes I think everything that’s wrong with us can be rooted back to self-centeredness. Pride. Pride kills a lot of things.
Please remember also that this is too true where I live. You may live in a completely different corner of the earth where appreciation and thankfulness are woven into every moment, and that’s wonderful. But not here. Here, it is a dying art. And I miss it.


How to Say “Moschino”

Free Thoughts Thursday: How to say “Moschino”
By Olivia of WangGuk

So today is a Thursday. That means that this post is about whatever I want. Today, I want to write about an incredible discovery I just made: the correct pronunciation of the late Italian designer Franco Moschino’s name.

So I have always pronounced his name something like, “Mo-shee-no.” Apparently, this is incorrect. The proper Italian pronunciation of this name goes something like, “Mo-skee-no.” The fact that I’ve been pronouncing his name incorrectly for who knows how many years might be of absolutely ZERO interest to you all, but for me, it was a pretty big deal. I mean it probably ranks up there with the day I found out what “P.O. box” stood for (yeah okay, OBvious, but I just never really thought about it).

Why is this important enough to me to write about? (Haha, well why is anything, really?) Franco Moschino is one of my favorite designers— if not my absolute favorite— of all time. To me, he was an irreplaceable fashion innovator, a creative thinker who not only took fashion risks, but really spoke through his clothes. In my eyes, he is probably one of the greatest minds to have ever lived. Therefore, it’s rather sad for me to find out that I have been pronouncing his beautiful name incorrectly for the entirety of my love for him. Not that this in any way means I loved him any less by not knowing the proper way to say his name. I suppose ignorance does happen. It just struck me as very odd that I never ever noticed this until now. This long-familiar name suddenly sounds funny and strange. This “skee” doesn’t strike that familiar pang in my ear. It’s weird. I have to relearn something I feel like I’ve always known.

So anyway, boring post for some of you haha. But if any of you out there are Moschino collectors and lovers as I, then perhaps, like me, you may not have been aware that this beautiful fashion legacy’s name is in fact “Mo-skee-no” and not “Mo-shee-no.”